8 Years in Business?! Yay! Where did that go?

Well it suddenly occurred to me this week that my ‘Being in Business’ anniversary had passed by without me acknowledging it! Surely being in business for 8 years needs to be celebrated I hear you say, and it certainly does, but maybe I need to take a step back and really reflect on all those years that I have been my own boss.

So I have decided to write an honest blog about where I’m at in my business and what I’m super grateful for!

Carry on reading for a little Birthday Offer…

Firstly I need to talk about my boss, (me obviously!) and how and why I am so so hard on myself! The simple fact is that I am an ultimate perfectionist and have a very high inner ‘work ethic voice’ that makes me have this drive and passion that most self employed people, and maybe only self employed people will be able to empathise with? I work myself very hard and this probably comes from my need to succeed and for my business to be a success. I am always worrying about my work, which is sometimes really crippling, as it can stop you looking at the bigger picture and doubt can start to creep in….

I am a business owner, and this is primarily what I need to be, managing and running a business, as hey I’ve got a mortgage to pay, children to feed and all those things that any ’employed’ person has too, but often there is a perception that being self employed is more ‘fluffy’ and a ‘hobby’, that it’s for a bit of ‘pin money’ (whatever the heck that is??) and unfortunately these are some the terms I have heard being used around self employment.

Ok, So let’s cut the crap, I’m here to run a profitable business, and thankfully I have managed to since my first year of trading, but I have done it through utter hard work, blood, sweat and lots of tears, as this little old thing is more than a job, more than a career, it’s my third baby! (Sorry this was quite emotional to write!) So that’s why I’m so hard on myself, so self critical, so driven, as it’s my creation and have to treat it with love and care.
Boy, there have been many times that I’ve wanted to hang up my camera and run (for the teaching job pages!!!) but then I really have to look at WHY I do what I do and that’s what reminds me everyday to have gratitude for all the things that I have been able to do because of being in business.

Training with my Shooting Sisters!

So here’s a few of the things and people and I am grateful for in my business:-

  • My Family! 
  • Working with THE MOST LOVELY families and businesses.
  • Being able to grow my business whilst my children were growing.
  • The flexibility to go to my children’s sports days, concerts etc.
  • To be able to organise my own diary 
  • Being my own boss! (even if I am a b*tc$!)
  • Making a profit and earning a living from my business.
  • Making people happy when they see the finished results!
  • Having a trusted, recognisable brand.
  • Knowing an amazing network of photographers (my ‘Shooting Sisters’)
  • Having trained with some awesome photographers such as Nina Mace


So to celebrate surviving 8 years in business and as a big THANK YOU, I am offering my Autumn Shoots fees for £80 instead of £95! But be quick, as there aren’t many spaces let. Check out my website for dates and how to book…

So I think after 8 years in business, I am going to be kind to myself and give myself permission to actually say ‘I did it, I am doing it and I will do it!’ I don’t I’m ready to jump off this rollercoaster just yet! So where’s the champagne?! 
Amanda x

One thought on “8 Years in Business?! Yay! Where did that go?

  1. Love love love this and a huge congratulations to you!! ❤

    I too am a perfectionist so I can understand your inner critic! I asked you to do me a photoshoot in the rapeseed fields and I was unsure of the result as this was our first time together. But after seeing the results I was very impressed, and so pleased with the natural images you captured of myself and my three boys (despite being eaten alive in the bluebells!) You did an awesome job and to top it all off you are a genuinely lovely bubbly person to be around and someone who I have really warmed to.

    I am really egar to attend your workshop to learn more about photography and I look forward to the next one that you offer.

    I hope you enjoy your champagne and give yourself a huge pat on the back! ❤ You deserve all the success. Love Nina xxx

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